IP Director Lim Joins Two Prestigious IP Boards


Professor Daryl Lim, Director of the Center for IP, Information & Privacy Law at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, has been invited to serve on the board of the Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago. He has also been appointed to the European Science Foundation’s College of Expert Reviewers.

Lim was elected on May 9 at the annual meeting of the Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago to serve on its Board of Managers. Founded in Chicago as the “Patent Law Association” in 1884, IPLAC is the oldest IP law association in the U.S. IPLAC’s over 1,000 members represent the spectrum of the IP law profession, including attorneys in private and corporate practice, law professors, paralegals, law students and other IP law professionals. IPLAC also has approximately 30 honorary members from the federal judiciary.

Separately, the European Science Foundation recently appointed Lim to its College of Expert Reviewers. Based in Strasbourg, France, the College is a quality-driven network of international recognized experts that cover the full spectrum of the scientific landscape, including the humanities, economics, social sciences, physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering sciences, earth and environmental sciences, life and biomedical sciences. Expert Reviewers assess and evaluate proposals such as post-doctoral fellowship applications and research projects.

“I am honored by the opportunity to serve on IPLAC’s Board of Managers and the Foundations’ College of Expert Reviewers.” Lim said. “These appointments affirm John Marshall’s IP program’s domestic and international prominence. The IPLAC appointment creates another direct link between the law school and attorneys, judges and other legal professions in Chicago, where most of our students work at after graduation.”

“The European Science Foundation’s appointment also happens at a timely juncture. As the law school’s planned integration with the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), these avenues of collaboration will become more commonplace. These links will help us create new synergies between the IP program and allied fields of study at UIC and beyond.”


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