2L Jerrilyn Gumila Awarded Schiff Hardin Scholarship

Jerrilyn Gumila, a second-year student at UIC John Marshall, has been awarded a $5,000 scholarship from the Hispanic Lawyers Scholarship Fund, which was sponsored by law firm Schiff Hardin LLP. After submitting her resume, transcript and personal statement, Gumila advanced to the interview stage and was later selected. She plans to use the funds to help offset the cost of her legal education.

Gumila is passionate about working with vulnerable populations. “This summer, I plan to work at the Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group ​by Haid and Tech LLP, as a law clerk, in order to further my dreams of helping those during the most difficult and vulnerable times in their lives,” Gumila said. “This includes those going through a difficult divorce and, most importantly, domestic violence survivors. I myself am a survivor of intimate partner violence and this fueled my passion to work in this amazing field.”

Gumila‘s parents both immigrated to the United States before she was born, making her a first-generation American. “My journey has not been easy because as a first-generation law student my parents were not able to help me with applying to law school even though they always tried their best to help me. These hurdles did not stop me, though. I never gave up and I work my hardest every day to continue to succeed in law school.”

Earlier this semester, Gumila was a national finalist and named Best Oralist at the Twelfth Annual First Amendment and Media Law Diversity Moot Court Competition.


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