Faculty Activities and Publications | October 2016

faculty activities publications

Associate Dean Kathryn Kennedy

  • She moderated a panel discussion on Plan Participant Disclosures at the 2016 Joint Fall Meeting of the ABA Sections of Taxation and of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law in Boston on October 1.

Professor Samuel Jones 

  • He provided comments to the Chicago Tribune regarding a Chicago judicial candidate who allegedly impersonated a judge and ruled on traffic cases last August.
  • He provided comments to PBS Newshour regarding white supremacy and law enforcement.

Professor Daryl Lim

  • He provided comments to IP Watchdog, Morning Consult and ValueWalk regarding the Apple v. Samsung case in the wake of Supreme Court oral arguments in the “smartphone wars” design patent dispute.

Professor Ann Lousin

  • She provided comments to Law.com (National Law Journal) regarding what it means to her to have the Chicago Cubs in the World Series.
  • She provided comments to the Daily Journal regarding the Illinois state judiciary and when they typically insert themselves into state government policy and management.
  • She published the following column in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin:
    • Constitutional tinkering a bad idea, particularly this idea

Professor Hugh Mundy

  • He was appointed to the SALT Board of Governors.

Professor Samuel Olken

  • He has been named The Edward T. and Noble W. Lee Chair in Constitutional Law for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Professor Timothy O’Neill

  • He published the following column in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin:
    • Seymour Simon continues to be heard years after he left the bench

Professor Cliff Scott-Rudnick 

  • He provided comments to the Chicago Tribune regarding an attorney who allegedly failed to pursue leads that a man besides his client committed a crime because the lawyer also represented that potential suspect.

Professor Steven Schwinn

  • He provided comments to Christian Science Monitor regarding which way he believes the Supreme Court will lean when deciding on principles surrounding jury deliberations.

Professor Michael Seng

  • He provided comments to NPR regarding why he believes real estate services providing school ratings is not a good idea.

Adjunct Faculty

Roger MacDougall

  • He was elected president of the National Association of Railroad Referees at the group’s annual conference in Chicago.

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