New water fountains helping to reduce waste

Water FountainThanks to the Student Bar Association (SBA), the water fountains now offer the options for drinking and/or refilling bottles.

“We had students complaining about the pressure in the drinking fountains,” said Melissa Soso, president of the SBA. At an American Bar Association meeting, Soso met with other SBA presidents and learned about the filtered water fountains.

With information in hand, she approached Associate Dean Peg Frossard with an informational video. Soso also got the Environmental Law Society behind the initiative because it saves on excess water bottle consumption.

After meetings with Associate Dean William Powers and building manager Mike Graham of MB Realty, the first filtered water fountain was installed on the second floor.

“It was such a success, that Dean Powers and Dean Corkery agreed to install another fountain on the 12th floor,” Soso added.

Now all the fountains have been retrofitted.


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